Reducción (Downsize)

Reducción (Downsize) from stephan Mazurek on Vimeo.

Directed, Edited and Cinematography by Stephan Mazurek

Reducción is a short film I made based on a production of Downsize I attended in Buenos Aries, Argentina. The cast was mesmerizing which led me to return to Buenos Aries and capture their performances. I originally directed Downsize in Chicago in real bathrooms, for obviously limited audiences, Downsize explores the scheming and alliances made and unmade behind the closed doors (in this case the bathroom doors) of a powerful corporation. A very intimate theatrical experience, Downsize evokes memories of all the bathroom conferences one has been a party to it one’s lifetime, from middle school to the present. Nothing really changes much after the fourth grade, it’s just that the stakes are higher.Critic’s Picks Chicago Tribune Downsize: Taking Site-specific theater to a new level, director Stephan Mazurek is staging this punchy 30 minute Mamet-esque story about workplace machinations in various men’s rooms around the city. It’s a sharply, funny, pocketsize “Glengarry Glen Ross,” written by Chris Welzenbach.