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  • David W. Magill & The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

    David W. Magill & The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

    This documentary was shot on the Canon C300 and I served not only as the DP but as the director and editor as well.

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  • University of Illinois Hospital & Chicago Fire Soccer Club

    University of Illinois Hospital & Chicago Fire Soccer Club

    C300, Sony NEX-FS700U

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  • DP Reel 2012 Excerpts

    DP Reel 2012 Excerpts

    Client’s: Nikon, Abbott Labs, History Channel, HP, Stars, Hugo Boss,  & PBS. Cameras: Red Epic, Panasonic HPX 2700, Canon 5D Mark II, Sony PMW -F3, and Nikon D800. Agencies: Capgun Collective, Leviathan, Siskel Jacobs, and Taylor Abelson Inc.  

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  • Play Big

    Play Big

    When people play, they power amazing. Watch a Chicago space come to life with touchscreen technology in our second 3D projection. Powered by HP and Microsoft./ Cinematographer:  Stephan Mazurek/ Online Producer:  John Olsen/ Produced by Leviathan/Design Kitchen/

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  • I am Leviathan

    I am Leviathan

    A self produced documentary introducing Leviathan studio custom made for Pause Fest 2011. In the wake of the intense Amon Tobin ISAM production, we wanted to reflect on thought, document our environment and share it with the world. — Director & Editor: Daniel Ryan Produced by: Leviathan Director of Photography: Stephan Mazurek Gaffer & Digital Tech: Emily Hindin Gaffer & B-Cam: Derick Smith Grip: Dan Tiffany B-Cam: O’Conner Hartnett Additional Photography: Aaron Edwards Music: “Inception” by The Photographic Courtesy of […]

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  • Submit.  Under Armor Red Epic Spot.

    Submit. Under Armor Red Epic Spot.

    Kick boxer prepares for his greatest fight: against himself./ Shot on the Red Epic./ Cinematographer:  Stephan Mazurek/ Editor:  Josh Bodner/Whitehouse Post/ Online Producer:  Matt Abramson/Kaitlyn Parks/ Produced by:  Capgun Collective/

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  • DePaul (Red Epic Spot)

    DePaul (Red Epic Spot)

    Production Company: CapGun Collective Online Producer:  Matt Abramson/Kaitlyn Parks Agency: Rhea and Kaiser Cinematographer: Stephan Mazurek Editor: Josh Bodnar/ The Whitehouse Post Color Correct: Filmworkers. This spot was shot on the Red Epic with time lapse sequence executed with the 5D Mark II. The Arri Master Primes: 10mm, 18mm, 25mm, 40mm were used.

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  • Louder Than A Bomb

    Louder Than A Bomb

    Directors: Greg Jacobs & Jon Siskel Director of Photography: Stephan Mazurek Editor: John Farbrother Louder Than a Bomb to air on OWN Network. Louder Than a Bomb has been selected for the “OWN Documentary Club”, a monthly documentary showcase on the new Oprah Winfrey Network! Stay tuned for the air date and other news in the coming weeks… Meanwhile, LTAB continues to win awards and raves as it winds up its run on the festival circuit. The latest: audience awards […]

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  • The Hunan Faerie of Osaka Garden

    The Hunan Faerie of Osaka Garden

    Directed, conceived, cinematography and editing by Stephan Mazurek. Music composition by Rachel Grimes. Featuring Jessamine Kindred Crawford. Sometimes it’s the light. Sometimes it’s the clothes. Sometimes it’s the wind. Sometimes it’s the music. And when they all come together it can become something else. A contemplative moment for Japan.

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  • Philipe Petit still on the wire

    Philipe Petit still on the wire

    Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Editor, Stephan Mazurek. Music by Mark Messing. “We should be told at six years old that the world is yours. Explore it. Everything is possible.” – Philippe Petit. High-wire artist Philippe Petit rehearses his signature moves at S.L.A.M. in Brooklyn. Shot on Nikon D7000 // 1080p // 24 FPS // Nikkor lenses: 14-24, 18-105, 20, 24, 28, 50, 70-200, 85, 300, 400mm // Rode ROSVM Stereo Videomic.

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  • Shania Twain Why Not?

    Shania Twain Why Not?

    Stephan Mazurek Director of Photography, Cameraman. Produced by Gay Rosenthal Productions. Directed by Bryn Freedman. Why Not? with Shania Twain is the intimate portrait of country/pop music sensation Shania Twain on her emotional journey from heartbreak back to the top. This highly anticipated OWN original series is filled with revelation and unexpected adventure. Follow Shania as she heals, shares and rediscovers her voice.  

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