Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers from stephan Mazurek on Vimeo.

Stephan Mazurek Director of Photography and Audio.
Produced by Digital Ranch.

In 2000, The History Channel aired a 46-minute episode titled “Ice Road Truckers” as part of the Suicide Missions (later Dangerous Missions) series. Based on the book Denison’s Ice Road by Edith Iglauer, the episode detailed the treacherous job of driving trucks over frozen lakes, also known as ice roads, in Canada’s Northwest Territories. After 2000, reruns of the documentary were aired as an episode of the series Modern Marvels instead. Under this banner, the Ice Road Truckers show garnered very good ratings.

I shot this episode solo: no audio, no PA, no coordinating producer, no nothing. It was three of the best weeks of my life freezing my ass off in the Northwestern Territories searching for story elements to make a documentary. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I was sent up to the arctic circle to find out what goes on up on the ice roads. I helped launched a profitable series that put a few ducats in some savvy producers pockets.