Head On

Head ON: Demolition Derby. Last car rolling. from stephan Mazurek on Vimeo.

HEAD ON is an exuberant look at an obsessive American subculture: the bone-crushing, blue-collar world of “team demolition derby” in Joliet, Illinois.
Think of it as roller derby with cars. Two teams of four drivers race stripped-bare, heavily fortified gas-guzzlers around a dirt track, each trying to be the first to finish five laps. Beyond that, anything goes. Cars ram each other backwards, forwards, sideways, in tag team tandem, and-in the team demolition derby equivalent of a grand slam or a breakaway dunk-head on, at speeds of up to fifty miles an hour. Every race is a five-minute riot of crunching metal, churning mud, and choking exhaust, with a grandstand full of ten thousand fans screaming all the while.

Written, directed and produced by
Greg Jacobs and Jon Siskel
Director of Photography by Stephan Mazurek
Edited by John Farbrother
Original Music: Dave Adler

Featuring songs by R.L. Burnside, Cracker, Tommy Stinson and Scott H. Biram